Tuesday, September 10, 2013

True Treasures

Norah Downey not only happens to be a wonderful friend, but she's also one hell of a jewelry designer and creator.  With three distinct Etsy jewelry shops, she's truly become a top innovator and mini-mogul. Her latest shop, Silver Initial Jewelry, markets eco-friendly, recycled silver antique wax seal jewelry, and jewelery specializing in personalized initials/monograms. It's a very old laborious process, and Norah gives it a gorgeous, timeless spin. It's perfect for men or women. You can have pendants, charm bracelets, key chains and you can even design your own jewelry. It's also nicely affordable.

Norah's new Facebook Page, "Etsy Jewelry Stores," incorporates her three etsy jewelry shops. Right now she's having a contest to promote her latest shop and here are the rules:

1. Visit Silver Initial Jewelry
2. Pick out your favorite initial
3. Copy the link
4. Like her new Facebook Page, Etsy Jewelry Stores
5. Post your link there
6. You have made an entry 

Etsy Jewelry Stores also promotes her other two shops:

Your Daily Jewels   
Your Rustic Jewelry

Definitely check them out. They each have their own distinctive styles. You can unquestionably find ALL your needs in her three shops.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Nose Knows

A raging trend right now seems to be pet inspired jewelry. Whether it be paw impressions cast in silver or even pet noses, people are going crazy for these precious trinkets. Pets are people's children and what could be sweeter than wearing Spot's nose around your neck. It's not for everyone, I know, but I happen to be on the bandwagon. They're even using the cremation ashes of pets as infusions of the jewelry-making process. Fluffy could be in a pair of diamond earrings. Now that particular trend spooks me. A lucky paw keychain or a nose necklace, however, makes me feel like my dog will always and forever be with me. I will list a few of the people who create such jewelry, which consists of using a non-toxic putty mold to take the impression. I thought my dog would freak out, but suprisingly enough, he didn't. It only takes a couple of seconds, but you may have to try a few times to get a good one. The mold is then sent to the creator, who converts it into the metal version of your liking. Bronze, gold, silver - all can be fabricated. The prices range from $120 - $350, depending on the size and style. I know my dog isn't going to live forever, and the thought of that kills me. But to have his nose around my neck everyday makes life much less painful.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shrinky Dinks And The Child Within!

Remember when you were a kid and created all sorts of Shrinky Dinks? Well, I've let my inner child have a blast recently, and purchased some Shrinky Dinks kits. And......wait for it.......they now have a Deluxe Shrinky Dinks Maker so your mother doesn't have to put them in the oven for you. Woweeeeeee!!!!! I got one and have not stopped making things since. You can also buy just the Shrinky Dinks paper so you can draw your own designs. They even have paper for printers. You can find something you like on the computer, print it, and shrink it. I haven't had this much fun since Disneyland!!! I encourage everyone to buy a kit or some paper and try it. It'll bring back loads of memories and make lots of new ones. You can buy a jewelry kit, an animals kit, a Monster Lab (which I got and love!) - virtually any kind of theme is available. So go on and let your inner child roam free! Who says there's an age limit on art???

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funky Felt Flowers "Over 8500 Likes" Giveaway!

Okay guys - so I'm a little late with this post. Please forgive me. I'm currently running a "Funky Felt Flowers "Over 8500 Likes" Giveaway!" on Facebook. I will be giving a random winner a custom Funky Felt Flower ring. The best part? You get to design it. You can look at my Facebook photos or visit my shop to get ideas. Please enter - it's free - so why not? Go to http://www.facebook.com/funkyfeltflowers and the entry post is at the top of the page. All it takes is a click of your mouse! I look forward to seeing the winner, who will randomly be picked at 11:59pm on 2/1/13.
Thank you for all your support!

Facebook Page: Http://www.facebook.com/funkyfeltflowers

Etsy Shop: Http://www.funkyfeltflowers.etsy.com