Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Craft Klatsch

I bet you can guess my favorite class growing up in schools (elementary, middle, high). Yup, art. It wasn't just because it was a time for creativity, it was the impact of the entire class. It was a veritable craft klatsch. You could feel the cumulative creativity in the air, the palpability of ideas, the functioning imaginations.We would simultaneously create and talk, advise, express, display. There's just something magical that happens when you have a confabulation of artistic people. It definitely inspires; that's for sure. Art brings out the best in others. It's a fact! And furthermore, people come out of their shells. Accomplishment abounds! Art class should be mandatory everywhere. So much is learned, and not just about art in itself. There's psychology involved, philosophy, history. The list is endless.

So, that's why once a week, me and my artsy friends get together and have our craft klatsch. We rotate hosts, and food and beverages are available. Everyone brings their projects and we all just go at it. It's one of the happiest days of the week for me.

In fact, Etsy has a lab called "Etsy Labs In Brookln, NY." Craft Nights at the Etsy Labs are free and open to the public, 4-8 p.m. on Mondays. You see, they're in on the know too!! There's also Meetup Groups;, where you can find virtually any kind of meetup you like in any town.

So even if you take a knitting class or crocheting class, not only will you learn something new, but the experience in the class setting will bring the learning to new heights. I swear. There's just something about a bunch of artistic minds being in a room together. It's truly magical!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You're A Shining Star

This past month when I was holiday shopping, I noticed some bling in the corner of my eye. They were small star ornaments that I thought would make great pendants for necklaces. So I purchased them and decided to digress momentarily from working with funky felt. I bought four 2" stars in 2 colors and 2 textures. I made them into necklaces and here's what was created:

Steel Blue Metallic Shining Start
Hot Pink Metallic Shining Star
Hot Pink Pearlescent Shining Star
Steel Blue Pearlescent Shining Star

They're all only five buckaroos each!! You can find them at

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art By Heart

I read an article about this organization, and it made my heart smile. It's called the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children's Art Project. You'll find something for everyone here - even the family pet - courtesy of the pediatric patient's creativity. Each ornament, card, book and frame is inspired by the artwork of these cancer patients. Proceeds go towards trips, camps, educational programs, and scholarships for the kids. I've always said "art heals," and in this case it heals both patients and customers. Not only does the artwork give the patients something to do, it inspires their creativity and gives them a sense of accomplishment. I believe this aids in healing. And of course, the customers admire the talent, so that in itself inspires the patients to continue creating. I honestly believe that a program like this should be instituted in all pediatric cancer centers. It breeds creativity, imagination, accomplishment and healing. Whoever came up with the idea is an absolute genius! I don't know about you, but I'm about to get my checkbook out. And you can check out the goods at:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Interchangeable Funky Felt Flowers!

A friend of mine (she deserves mention: Cathy Tuggle at gave me an idea using my Funky Felt Flowers. She urged me to make "Interchangeable Funky Felt Flower Necklaces." I thought the idea was brilliant so I ensued it. And, I love it. To summarize, you purchase a ball chain with a pendant clasp on it; small and large flowers with holes in them are then purchased and put on clasp. Easily installed and easily removed with the bail clasp. So, you can veritably wear a different flower necklace every day of the week. People will think you own a share in Funky Felt Flowers!! All of the pieces are cheap and fab, fresh and colorful. Here's a lookee:

As you can see, the ball chain comes in silver and black, 18" (but can be longer if desired), and the combinations are endless. Custom requests are encouraged. Become a Funky Felt Flower Fashionista and Feel the Fabulousity!!

All available, of course, at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Spectacular Sales

Okay, people, not only have I slashed ring prices to half and the rest of the jewelry also reduced, I'm giving 10% off with coupon: FUNKY45.

Originally $15.00, now $7.50
Originally $15.00, now $10.00
Originally $15.00, now $12.00
Originally $8.00, now $5.00
Originally $25.00, now $20.00

The Cocktail Rings are the REAL bargain, though. They're the muses for my shop. Who wouldn't want a fab, fresh, colorful, vibrant, trendy cocktail ring to rock the world? I wear 3 at a time!!
Start a trend. Be fabulous! Flaunt a Funky Felt Flower Cocktail Ring. It'll make you smile and you won't regret it. No sunshine or water required either.


Sarah Jessica