Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Treasury Chest

According to Etsy, a Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items. Lists contain 16 items. Members can feature their favorite items, items selected on a theme or whatever they like. Any Etsy member can create a Treasury list, and there is no limit to the number of lists you can create. A Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy. And their tips are:
  • Be diverse! No more than one item per shop.
  • Don't include your own items. Spread the love!
  • Make it beautiful.
Now when most people make Treasuries, they pick a theme and then choose many different items that relate to that theme. For example, if someone chooses to use a Spring theme, they may choose a sleeveless dress, a sunshine fine art print, a nice floral necklace, a vase for flowers - you get the point. For the most part, a variety of items are used in Etsy Treasuries. Now, when I create a Treasury, I pick a theme, and then choose one item in various incarnations for the theme. An example would be my guitar treasury, for which I used 16 different embellished guitars. For my zipper Treasury, I chose 16 items created by zippers. So therein lies the difference. I like to view Treasuries as a challenge, and a chance to be really creative and enlightening. I have not yet seen Treasuries by others that resemble my own constructions. I like being different and coming up with really unique ideas that have not been used before. Sometimes, my Treasuries are even based on a song. Well, why don't I just shut up and list the Treasuries I've created in the past 4 months since I've opened shop, and then you can click on the links and be the judge and jury. I welcome your comments and would love to know what you think of them. Here we go (in sequence) :

Acrylic Adornments

Scoring Skulls

Bite The Bullet

Toot Your Horn

What A Great Figure You Have

Our Lips Are Sealed

Custom Cookie Craftmanship

Stop Fighting Before Someone Loses An Eye

Can I Take Your Picture?

Lego Love

Rock Star

Zip It Up

Cuff Links

Pandora's Box

The Octopus's Garden

My Guitar Gently Weeps

Kick Up Your Heels

Whimsical Wedding Cake Toppers

Perfume Bottle Bonanza

Mosaic Movers And Shakers 

Answer The Phone

So whaddya think? Do you like them? Do you find them interesting? Are they fun-filled, action-packed, thrilling compilations? Or not? I want to hear from you. Let me know if I did those Treasuries justice! I enjoy making them immensely, so if you have any comments, advice or venom to spew, let me know! I want to create unique (and perhaps, a little eccentric) themes that support and expose as many artisans as I can. I also want to make Treasuries an enjoyable and visually appealing experience for all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artistan Amor

I'd like to give a shout out to my favorite artisan's and their shops in this post. Ya gotta share the love! It was hard making a decision regarding whom to promote, since I have a billion favorites. I managed, though, and here are my choices:

Mily (artisan and owner of shop) hails from Down Under and makes beautiful polymer clay-designed bottles and brooches. They're colorful, ornate and they make me smile. I've purchased 2 bottles and a brooch and am holding my breath until they arrive!! Here is some of her work:

The second critically acclaimed (by me) shop that I love is The Midnight Orange. D. Antonia Truesdale is from Buffalo and also works with polymer clay. (I seem to have a deep affection for polymer clay as you'll see). She sculpts people in various positions of affection. A main theme seems to be Mother and Child, which I adore since I lost my mother when I was young. She uses various colors and brushes them with a luminous powder covered in a thick coating of epoxy. The result is one of amazing metallic effect. I've purchased 2 items and again am awaiting them with baited breath. Here are some of her pieces:

MealyMonster is the next shop to be praised. I actually own 7 pieces from this shop!! Nicole Johnson, from Buffalo, works with polymer clay as well in, let's say, the Zombie sort of way. Well, let me just show you instead of explaining it. I can't do them justice with words.


I've invested in many pieces as well from PaperMoonGallery; 6, to be exact. This stay-at-home-mom makes exquisite, quirky, needlefelt figures that will blow you away! She has many in her shop, and it boggles my mind to imagine how she comes up with each unique, detailed creation. Again, words can't do them justice, so here they are:

And last, but definitely not least (in fact, my first purchases were from this shop), is SweetieCakeTopper. I purchased 3 sets of ceramic skulls from this shop in Thailand, and would like to purchase 50 more. (My budget does not allow me to at the moment!) The focus of the shop are pairs of 2.5" ceramic skulls and pairs of birds as caketoppers. They are the most beautiful, delicate, ornate, detailed creations I've ever laid my eyes on. They're all carefully and colorfully painted and then glazed. Take a look:

So there you have it. I'm bursting at the seams just looking at the pictures. It seems as though I can never get enough creations from these shops. The talent is ineffable. I'm blown away. I hope you've enjoyed this shared experience as much as I have, and I encourage everyone to visit these shops. I warn you though - be prepared with your wallet in hand!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The UnAware Artist

I believe that everyone is an Artist. Maybe not by popular definition, but all people have tapped or untapped creativity. For example: hobbies such as kntting, sewing, painting, drawing and doodling require creativity. To me, people who engage in these activities are Artists. Whether they sell their work or not is inconsequential - they still create. Some people are such good Artists that they don't even know it. Some people could probably even sell their work. It's all relative. And another thing; I believe that creating makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It even gives me endorphins, or a rush in layman's terms. Art Therapy is a well-known form of therapy because it really does work - mostly for the reasons I just mentioned. That's why it's provided in psychiatric wards and nursing homes. Art can be cathartic as well. It can be a way of releasing all sorts of emotions. It also can relieve boredom and pass time. Everyone should tap into their creativity. It should be mandatory! Go on and try something you always wanted to but didn't think you could. Who knows, you might be the next Picasso or Michelangelo!! You many even be sitting on a bundle of cash. People could very well want to purchase your work. So there. I encourage everyone to at least try. We've all got something special in us. I'm certain of it.