Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smartphone Sleeves

Smart phones are all the rage; the iPhone, the Blackberry, the Droid... They're staples of modern living. Most people can't exist without them. I mean after all, with all the apps available, you can basically manage your entire life with your phone; check your email, surf the web, check your calendar, keep reminders. The list goes on and on. So since these "gadgets" are omnipotent, I figured I'd feature some etsy cases for them. God forbid, they get scratched or dropped! And after all, if you have the trendiest "thing," you might as well have the bling to keep it safe. What if you lost it (Perish the thought!!!)  - there goes your life...

iPhone Buddy Case

iPhone Case Retro Camera
Hello Kitty With Bear iPhone Case

Cassette Tape Tablet Case
N.55 In Black Studded iPhone 4 Case
Handmade iPhone Felt Case - "Moustache" Design

There are millions more on etsy, so take a look. You can even have one customized. I mean, you can't let your cherished phone be naked....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Treasured Treats

I love etsy treasuries. I love viewing them and making them. An etsy treasury is a curated list of items based on a theme. The name "Treasury" is actually apropos because you have to go on a treasure hunt through people's shops in order to find the items for your treasury.  Sometimes I get so absorbed in the items I'm looking at, that I forget I'm treasure hunting. Coming up with a theme is fun too. I try to be as creative as possible. You also want to make the treasury look pleasing so it's important where you place your items. People then view them and add comments if they desire. Some of them even make the front page of etsy, which is an esteemed honor that I haven't yet figured out how to do. Someday. Anyway, I wanted to share some of the treasuries that I've been in. It makes for a good blog post.

Such A Treasury
Friends Who Help Me When I'm Feeling.....Blue
Late Summer Color Pop
Live To Create
I hope you've enjoyed my little display and were able to pick out my Funky Felt Flowers. Enjoy. Follow my blog with Bloglovin