Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloomin' Bummer

So 2 months ago, I opened up shop on etsy thinking that my rings would sell themselves. Boy was I wrong!! I've had 2 sales and have made 100 rings. I didn't realize how much advertising and promotion was involved. I'm not hardwired for business - just creativity. This has proven to be a major undertaking. I do have to admit that my creations are novel and trendy so there is definitely a market for them somewhere. I think I've been doing all the right things on the business end, but nothing is happening. Please help me pray for a miracle. Just one little one! I added some earrings into the mix, so maybe that will help. I'm just going to keep on praising them to anyone who listens. So listen up, and check out my shop. If nothing else, it's colorful and pretty. Here are some new additions:


Mini Daisy Earrings

Polka-Dotted Daisy Earrings

Electric Daisy Earrings

Ruby Daisy Earrings
ZigZag Daisy Earrings

So, stop by and have a look for yourself. I promise bright, colorful creations and affordable prices. Go on, you be the one to start a Spring Trend!


  1. Hi Michele,
    I definitely understand, and can relate.
    I have found that its a lot more then pictures, descriptions, and tagging.
    Hang in there, give yourself time, and be patient!
    Your great as well as your products :)

  2. These are soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love them!

    The one thing I've learned is patience :( this is a hard concept for me but im learning i need more of it everyday!!! don't worry girl, just keep up the amazing work <3

  3. Thank you guys so much for your praise and encouragement. I'm gonna keep on truckin'!!!

  4. I love the earrings! They are fantastic. If Spring ever gets here your flowers will be flying out the virtual door.

  5. Ah yes...we all think "list it and they will come" when we start...and then...crickets...! If you embrace the marketing side as a new creative challenge, you can find it to be fun too!