Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artistan Amor

I'd like to give a shout out to my favorite artisan's and their shops in this post. Ya gotta share the love! It was hard making a decision regarding whom to promote, since I have a billion favorites. I managed, though, and here are my choices:

Mily (artisan and owner of shop) hails from Down Under and makes beautiful polymer clay-designed bottles and brooches. They're colorful, ornate and they make me smile. I've purchased 2 bottles and a brooch and am holding my breath until they arrive!! Here is some of her work:

The second critically acclaimed (by me) shop that I love is The Midnight Orange. D. Antonia Truesdale is from Buffalo and also works with polymer clay. (I seem to have a deep affection for polymer clay as you'll see). She sculpts people in various positions of affection. A main theme seems to be Mother and Child, which I adore since I lost my mother when I was young. She uses various colors and brushes them with a luminous powder covered in a thick coating of epoxy. The result is one of amazing metallic effect. I've purchased 2 items and again am awaiting them with baited breath. Here are some of her pieces:

MealyMonster is the next shop to be praised. I actually own 7 pieces from this shop!! Nicole Johnson, from Buffalo, works with polymer clay as well in, let's say, the Zombie sort of way. Well, let me just show you instead of explaining it. I can't do them justice with words.


I've invested in many pieces as well from PaperMoonGallery; 6, to be exact. This stay-at-home-mom makes exquisite, quirky, needlefelt figures that will blow you away! She has many in her shop, and it boggles my mind to imagine how she comes up with each unique, detailed creation. Again, words can't do them justice, so here they are:

And last, but definitely not least (in fact, my first purchases were from this shop), is SweetieCakeTopper. I purchased 3 sets of ceramic skulls from this shop in Thailand, and would like to purchase 50 more. (My budget does not allow me to at the moment!) The focus of the shop are pairs of 2.5" ceramic skulls and pairs of birds as caketoppers. They are the most beautiful, delicate, ornate, detailed creations I've ever laid my eyes on. They're all carefully and colorfully painted and then glazed. Take a look:

So there you have it. I'm bursting at the seams just looking at the pictures. It seems as though I can never get enough creations from these shops. The talent is ineffable. I'm blown away. I hope you've enjoyed this shared experience as much as I have, and I encourage everyone to visit these shops. I warn you though - be prepared with your wallet in hand!!!!


  1. wow! Michele, I would love to take a peek at your collection, right up my alley with all the color and whimsy!
    thanks so much for including me in your favorites, I am honored!

  2. You rock, Miss Mealy, what can I say??

  3. Incredible Choices! Wow, what unique creations! Love them!

  4. What an awesome list. What talent they all have....Love it!! I am going to show my teen those skulls, she will love those :)

  5. Hey, thank you so much for including me -Loopy LaDo- I am honoured!!! You have been an amazing customer, I appreciate everything you've done to get my 'name' out there too.

  6. You deserve it, Mily! You're very talented and I'm in love with your creations!

  7. Wow! I think you just introduced me to some new shops to love :D You should do a follow up post and show off your creations :) Make sure you let me know so I don't miss it if you do!

  8. I've shown my flowers in a previous post. I don't always want to shove them in people's faces. I like to write about all kinds of art-related things and more. Besides, people could just go to my etsy shop to see them. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate feedback. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm off to write a new one now...