Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intaking Installation Art

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Installation Art is difficult to describe. In principal, it means taking a large interior (the exterior can be part of an installation, too) and loading it with disparate items that evoke complex and multiple associations and thoughts, longings, and moods. It's a huge three-dimensional painting, sculpture, poem, and prose work. Installation art sits right on that curious border between architecture, art and interior design – part physical experiment, part personal expression and part designed space. It might be either site-specific or not, and either indoors or out. The term became widely used in the 1970s and 1980s, and continues to be employed by many people. Installation Artworks have been constructed in exhibition spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as public and private spaces. The genre incorporates a very broad range of everyday and natural materials, which are often chosen for their evocative qualities, as well as new media such as video, sound, performance and the internet. Installations may be temporary or permanent, but most will be known to posterity through documentation.

This artistic form, in all its guises, definitively explores the notion that space and time are, in and of themselves, fodder for artistic consumption. An artist takes over an installation space like a temporary squatter whose clutter of possessions challenges boundaries and sparks dialogue between the space itself and its contents. Installation art usually consists of an ensemble of objects or effects that work together to create a whole. Artists deal with their own thematic concerns and consistently string certain elements throughout their installations. Despite the fact that Installation Art usually presents itself in the context of the gallery, it is not typical gallery art because it has little, if any, commercial value.

The Mattress Factory is a museum renowned for its Installation Art. In fact, the entire building consists of rooms of Installation Art. Created 
on site by artists from across the country and around the
 world, their unique exhibitions feature a variety of media that engage all of the senses. The museum's unusual galleries are located in two creatively reused buildings on Pittsburgh’s historic North Side. Both buildings house a growing and distinctive permanent collection, as well as innovative exhibitions that change throughout the year.

 Since 1977, the Mattress Factory has supported more than 500 artists through their world-renowned residency program. Each year artists come to Pittsburgh, live at the museum, and create new work.   During their time there, the museum supports them
 completely while they experiment, take risks, and explore the 
creative process. 

Each exhibition is paired with a variety of engaging and 
inventive educational programs including hands-on art projects,
 workshops, lectures, and tours. The Mattress Factory 
encourages all viewers, regardless of their background, to
 discover connections between art, creativity and their 
everyday lives.

Now that's a place I'd definitely like to check out. Below is a link to a directory of Installation Art artists. You can explore their individual tastes and see some mind-blowing creativity.

Installation Art Artists Directory

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