Monday, October 31, 2011

Custom Requests

I love doing custom requests because it forces me to work with said choices. In other words, the desired object is not up to me, so I feel that I have to be extra creative in order to fulfill the request. Sometimes, people even like to collaborate with you. That's always fun. And they like to get a glimpse of how you work. I want the creation to be extra special so I try my best. I just wanted to show a couple of my custom requests because I feel like boasting a bit. I'm allowed!!  :0) So here are a few:

Zumba Dance Necklace

Child Fairy Brooch & Velcro Earrings

Grandmother Brooch

Large Bouquet

Top of Bouquet

So if you'd like something custom and special, don't hesitate to ask. It can even be something that you think can't be done. I can do it. I assure you.

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