Friday, December 16, 2011

Interchangeable Funky Felt Flowers!

A friend of mine (she deserves mention: Cathy Tuggle at gave me an idea using my Funky Felt Flowers. She urged me to make "Interchangeable Funky Felt Flower Necklaces." I thought the idea was brilliant so I ensued it. And, I love it. To summarize, you purchase a ball chain with a pendant clasp on it; small and large flowers with holes in them are then purchased and put on clasp. Easily installed and easily removed with the bail clasp. So, you can veritably wear a different flower necklace every day of the week. People will think you own a share in Funky Felt Flowers!! All of the pieces are cheap and fab, fresh and colorful. Here's a lookee:

As you can see, the ball chain comes in silver and black, 18" (but can be longer if desired), and the combinations are endless. Custom requests are encouraged. Become a Funky Felt Flower Fashionista and Feel the Fabulousity!!

All available, of course, at

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