Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art By Heart

I read an article about this organization, and it made my heart smile. It's called the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children's Art Project. You'll find something for everyone here - even the family pet - courtesy of the pediatric patient's creativity. Each ornament, card, book and frame is inspired by the artwork of these cancer patients. Proceeds go towards trips, camps, educational programs, and scholarships for the kids. I've always said "art heals," and in this case it heals both patients and customers. Not only does the artwork give the patients something to do, it inspires their creativity and gives them a sense of accomplishment. I believe this aids in healing. And of course, the customers admire the talent, so that in itself inspires the patients to continue creating. I honestly believe that a program like this should be instituted in all pediatric cancer centers. It breeds creativity, imagination, accomplishment and healing. Whoever came up with the idea is an absolute genius! I don't know about you, but I'm about to get my checkbook out. And you can check out the goods at: http://www.childrensart.org/default.php?ourdata=main.

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