Saturday, February 5, 2011

Batucada Jewelry

I recently fell in love with a type of jewelry that's reminiscent of tattoos. The company is called "Batacuda" and their located in France. They make a point of saying that their jewelry is "Eco-Friendly," using certified lead-free rubber with no oil or phthalate. And, they're packaging is made out of recycled paper. Foregoing all that green stuff, I just want to point out that this shiny rubber jewelry is unique and I've never seen anything quite like it. The variety is one of necklaces, chokers and bracelets.

All the pieces are very thin, malleable and delicate. The designs are ornate; some tribal. I have quite a few pieces myself and they're not cheap. The bracelets are about $20; the necklaces and chokers - $35. I've noticed that only a few sites carry them, but many times they're out of stock. These are some bracelets:

Here's how they look being worn:

As you can see, they not only come in black, but gold, white, purple and brown as well. I think it's a trend worth watching. I'd like to see if they "expand."

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