Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treasury Chest

Today I'd like to pay homage to etsy treasuries. Treasuries are theme-based compilations containing etsy shop items. I'd like to display both the treasuries that I've curated as well as the treasuries that I've been featured in. Firstly, the treasuries that I've curated:

Acrylic Adornments

Bite The Bullet

Leather & Lace

Scoring Skulls

The Star Sparkled Banner

Toot Your Horn

Zip It Up

These are treasuries that I've been featured in:

A Forest Of Green



Burn, Baby Burn!

Color Me Pretty

Is this BRIGHT enough FOR YOU?

Lilacs And Lavender

My Darlin Clementine...

Neurotic Neons

Pretty In Pink

Red And Pink All Over

Ring Ring

Spring Part 2 - Bright Colors

Turning Back The Clock

So check out some treasuries. They're fun and a nice way to discover new items, especially for a specific event, holiday, etc.

Happy treasury hunting!!

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  1. I love making treasuries!! They are truly addicting, and a good way to kill time =)