Friday, February 4, 2011

Who The Hell Am I?

I always had an attraction to bold, colorful cocktail rings or "baubles" as gramma used to call them. She had quite a few and I had quite the time trying them on. And, funnily enough, they seem to be back in fashion. They were considered trinkets and not quite expensive and currently that still applies. I've seen major stores carrying lovely "bling" for low prices (at least lower than I thought they'd be). They're appearing in fashion magazines and websites abound. So, me being the avid crafter that I am, had an idea.. My love of these bold and colorful cocktail rings as well as crafting with felt have united to form the funky felt cocktail ring. It is a most fortuitous effort and I enjoy it immensely. The only problem I'm having is the desire to keep all of my creations. This is how my shop came to be. As well as being an avid crafter (I love it all - felt, sewing, fimo, jewelry-making, playdoh, bedazzling; anything and everything "crafty"), I'm also a freelance aesthetician. What is that, you ask? Basically a skin technician. I do everything from facials to waxing to peels to laser hair removal. All that beauty stuff. And yes, I do know of the fountain of youth, but you'd have to kill me to get it out of me! Too many years of research! I also love to exercise - lift weights, do cardio, and especially my new obsession, the "bar method." I'll devote a post entirely to that soon enough. I love trying new exercise and dance classes, which seem to be popping up daily. I'm also quite the sugar fiend, so I sorta' have to exercise, if you know what I mean. Candy rules! And I have invested enough money on my teeth to fund probably all of Dylan's Candy Bar's employee salaries. I can't help it; some people have shopping addictions, and mine happens to be sugar. If anyone can cure me of this habit, I'm willing to forgo 10 funky felt cocktail rings. :0) My other obsession is my all-white English bulldog named Mo', after grampa Morris (cause I loved grampa and Mo' has the same stocky build,, jowls and protruding lower lip). He's the love of my life and is an awesome little bodybuilder. Yes, he snores, but he doesn't slobber. Yes, he passes gas, but I don't mind. He's my angel and he's one-of-a-kind, just like my funky felt cocktail rings.

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