Monday, April 4, 2011

The UnAware Artist

I believe that everyone is an Artist. Maybe not by popular definition, but all people have tapped or untapped creativity. For example: hobbies such as kntting, sewing, painting, drawing and doodling require creativity. To me, people who engage in these activities are Artists. Whether they sell their work or not is inconsequential - they still create. Some people are such good Artists that they don't even know it. Some people could probably even sell their work. It's all relative. And another thing; I believe that creating makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It even gives me endorphins, or a rush in layman's terms. Art Therapy is a well-known form of therapy because it really does work - mostly for the reasons I just mentioned. That's why it's provided in psychiatric wards and nursing homes. Art can be cathartic as well. It can be a way of releasing all sorts of emotions. It also can relieve boredom and pass time. Everyone should tap into their creativity. It should be mandatory! Go on and try something you always wanted to but didn't think you could. Who knows, you might be the next Picasso or Michelangelo!! You many even be sitting on a bundle of cash. People could very well want to purchase your work. So there. I encourage everyone to at least try. We've all got something special in us. I'm certain of it.


  1. I totally agree, until recently I worked with clients who were experiencing mental health issues and the creative session brought about the most pleasue and sense of acheivement.

  2. Hello Michelle!
    Visiting from etsy:) Saw your posting on a team forum and ur blog looks nice. Please hop over at mine where I feature artists regularly. If u would like a feature, simply join and leave a comment:)

  3. Okay, Sowmya! I'm a follower!! :o)

  4. This is a great post Michelle!
    I found encouragement in this reading, thank you.
    See you on FB :)
    And have a great weekend!


  5. Oh I'm so glad u like it, Cathy! It is true, tho, no? If everyone created the world would be a better place!!

  6. Art is fabulous and think everyone of has a little something hidden inside them as well even if they don't think so.

  7. Michele, your post really rings true to me. I believe every human being is creative, by the way you choose to live your life, your imagination, the way you choose to describe your day, your quirky jokes everything is creativity, love your blog,great colors!!

  8. Applause!!!!! A lot of people don't think it's artistic if it isn't a painting but it is! I use wool and thread and fabric and it's art to me :-) Oh and it's very good for taking your mind off pain too, helps me forget about my Fibromyalgia!

    Great blog btw, mine is

  9. Everything can be art. It is totally subjective. Nothing is written in stone that claims only a painting is art. I'm glad your creativity acts as therapy for you and makes you feel better. I believe art makes everyone feel better!! :)